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Call us at (610) 809-4856 to discuss ways
we can help you creatively communicate.
A Harmonic Convergence of Message and Melody
to tell your story, raise your profile, and help your bottom line...
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30 Second promo on the power of a
musical message - mp3 format
Innovation, Communication, Co-Creation-(writing and production)
Jan and John Haigis
1006 Main Street
Darby, PA 19023
(610) 809-4856
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30 second Say It In Song Promo-
OcTrolleyFest web site
60 Second Promo for Darby Library
Fundraiser featuring
"Captain Book"
Web site for Architect
30 Second Commercial for DNA
testing to tune of "
After the Ball"
YouTube piece with pictures
The Philadelphia Marketing Directory
Other Links
60 Second PSA urging vote against using
effluent to cool proposed biomass plant
"Don't want to Breathe that Sewer Stuff"
30 Second Promo for Darby with
dulcimer background -  mp3 format
Sample YouTube videos
Voice Sample- Cremation of Sam
Voice Sample-12 Steps with the
musical back ground of our song
"Pachabel's Popgun
Links to Voice Over Samples
"Captain Book" (character)
Child Abuse PSA (John's voice)30 Sec
Child Abuse PSA (Jan's voice) 60 Sec
All the Water.
Responsible Earth Stewardship acknowledging
that all the water there ever was or ever will be
already is
If I Should Pass Beyond That Misty Veil
A piece we did settting my father's poem to music
60 second promo for Residential Mold Services
using tune of "Anchors Aweigh" (1907)
William Penn's Thoughts on Creation
60 second  promoo for Environmental Center
60 Second piece for Keystone MarkerTrust
Getting Started-Marketing 101
Other YouTube videos
Web Sites
Hills of New England
60 second promo for antique shop
using our tune "Travelers Waltz"
Say It In Song
The Well-Paid Poet