Wrestle With God?

It's not a good idea to wrestle with God
Because God will probably win
It's a bit like betting against the house
The fix has long been in

We didn't make this world of ours
And we don't make it go
We are a part, but not the whole
Of this lovely, cosmic show

John Haigis, 4/17/16
This Too

Few truer words spoken
By seers and by sages
Down through the years
And down through the ages than
"This too shall pass"

How often those words have been
said with a sigh.
How humbling in triumph,
How consoling in sorrow,
Regardless of status,
There will come a tomorrow
When all will be different
As the now passes by

The only thing certain
Is that everything changes
The now always different
As all rearranges
Existential "what is"
As we all live and grow

From person to mountain,
From flower to fountain,
All existence vibrational
Whether quickly or slow

Our nature transitional
Illusion conditional
Just part of a dance
We may not comprehend.

Our format corporeal
Experience tutorial
React and respond
To "what is" till the end.

Jan and John Haigis 2/6/16
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